About this Girl

I'm in love with life. With the life that I've been given. With the life that I'm discovering. All of which, is the life I've found in Christ. I'm constantly discovering who He's made me to be.

As for the basics:

I grew up in the village of Waterloo, Nebraska located outside of Omaha. I was firstborn in what would become a family with eight children, all of whom are extremely important to me and dear to my heart. I attended high school in the rural town of Yutan and graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in December 2010 with a degree in secondary education - language arts. In college, I became a part of my Relevant Community Church family, and no matter where God takes me on this journey of a life, I call that my home. I'm just a girl seeking to know the Lord and follow where He leads me.

I love people, cookie dough ice cream, sprinkles, running, laughing, reading, writing, music, dancing, the color pink, earrings, green peppers, Nebraska, driving, the world, and especially my family, my friends, my church, and my God.

I started this blog of a Journey when I served in Mbarara, Uganda with Africa Inland Mission in 2011 where I was blessed to homeschool a missionary student and disciple university students.

I currently live in Omaha, Nebraska, and teach at a local public high school.

The Kult Family in action

The Good Life. A Nebraska evening with my closest friends. 
The girl friends God has so graciously provided for me in Mbarara. 

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