Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sometimes a picture just tells it better.

There are some things that don't change:

The beauty of the market displays and the unbelievably tasty fruits it has.

The modes of transportation.

The food staples: matooke and gnuts....
... And the local delicacy of grasshoppers.

The power... Or lack thereof.

Finding bats in your bedroom...

And then there are those things that only get sweeter with time:


My neighbors and friends, Dorcas and Willis and their family.

My good friend and brother, Justus.

Two of my friends I met in Mbarara when I first moved there. One of whom is now completing a two year, life transformational program known as Amagara Maysa. 

Silly faces.

The sweetest, most authentic and life-giving friendsships a girl good dream of.

And the love of people who truly invite you to do life together.


  1. I love all of this! Miss you sweet friend and praying for you always :)

  2. wow...they are all beautiful. am glad it was amazing

  3. In all the pictures, I see LOVE! May Christ's Love continue shining in yo' Life Dear Kelsea!!